Board Games

If you are 'board', play board games. We provide various board games that you can use to spend a fun-quality time with your friends and family,


“Archery is like a journey, it begins with a love for shooting a bow and a passion for watching our arrows fly.” — Ron Laclair 

A tv Ride

Enjoy 15 Minutes Jungle ATV Ride that is  located in our very own  backyard.*

Massage with a View

The magic of a massage blends seamlessly with the beauty of the surroundings, creating a sensory delight for body and soul

Star Gazing

Use our telescope and be amazed by the millions stars and the milkyways that lying above us.
"Stargazing takes us to a cosmic journey by revealing many marvellous secrets related to our existence. "
- Arc Educators -

Moonlight Cinema

What an exciting idea it is to watch a movie under the light of the moon, with an umbrella of the night sky with the company of your favorite people. 

*Extra charges may applied